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The Right to Information Forum (RTI-Forum) is a coalition of institutions and individuals who have joined hands to ensure effective implementation and promotion of the right to information of the people of Bangladesh. Commencing on August 21, 2008, the Forum and its membership have campaigned with the Government and other stakeholders to strengthen the demand for, and the enactment of the Right to Information Act 2009. The Forum is committed to promoting the people’s access and right to information in accord with the provisions of the Act. The Act envisages and obligates the same degree of obligation to provide information from private institutions (including NGOs) as that of public, autonomous and statutory institutions. These membership guidelines have been formulated to promote and enhance disclosure of information and compliance to the provisions of the Act amongst  Forum members.

2.    The Forum recognizes the people’s right to information as the “touchstone of all rights” and as a tool for people’s empowerment to promote transparent and accountable governance for the benefit of the people at large, especially the poor and the disadvantaged. The key objectives of the Forum are to:  

a)    Build and raise public awareness on the provisions of the Act;
b)    Mainstream right to information in all development agenda and efforts;
c)    Create capacities and skills at both demand and supply side for compliance to the Act and ensuring people’s right to information;
d)    Work together with all stakeholders including the Government, non-governmental organizations, media, development partners including donors and the private sector for creating conditions conducive to the promotion of people’s right to information;
e)    Oversee the implementation of the RTI Act  2009  and monitor performance of public institutions as information providing  agency



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