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Meeting Minutes of July 9, 2012 Meeting

Date: July 9, 2012

Venue: MJF Office

The meeting started with the demonstration of a work plan for the members of RTI Forum. The discussion revolved around many issues.

The meeting resulted in few decisions which are as follows:

  1. Several roundtable meetings will take place within next 6 months across the country. A single organization will arrange a single meeting. Other members of the forum might help but that should not be expected. The concerned organization will have the scope to engage its local partners. Hasibur Rahman bhai would write a concept note on that including objectives.
  2. The members of the RTI Forum will go for information requests on few burning issues. This has to be a collective attempt. Sanjida Sobhan apa will mail the forum members addressing this issue.
  3. As far as Independent Report is concerned Tahmina Rahman apa will send the introduction, key findings and the concluding part along with the executive summery by or on 26 July. The forum will go for e-publication.
  4. RTI Forum will observe the Right To Know Day in different manner this year. The forum will arrange a 2-3 day long fair somewhere around the city. This would be open for member or non-member organizations for ensuring the maximum participation.
  5. Few members have applied for membership in RTI Forum. Appointment of Designated Officer in any organization will be the condition for the membership.

A number of issues had been raised in the meeting:

  1. Ananya Raihan bhai discussed on website plug-in. Through this the person would get to know whether the organization have IDP or have appointed DO. This will allow him to have the list of the provided information. D.net will do that on behalf of forum.
  2. MRDI showed its interest to contribute to RTI Clinic. The description of the services would be in the website as disclosure. Often it becomes tough to take an initiative under RTI Forum as donors do not want to approve.
  3. RTI Forum can follow-up the hearings arranged by Information Commission. This was raised by Hasibur Rahman bhai
  4. Sanjida Sobhan proposed to go for the development of IEC materials on the eve of      RTK Day.

However the convener of the forum Shaheen Anam expressed her concern as the forum seems to be less active when our role is crucial.

Participants list:

Ananya Raihan, Syeed Ahamed, Iftekharuzzaman, Shaheen Anam, Hasibur Rahman,

Sanjida Sobhan, Zahidul Haque Khan, Md. Mujibul Haque, Shamima Aktar, Abu Shahin M. Ashadizzaman and Md. Iftekher Hussain.

Developed by Md. Iftekher Hussain, MJF