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Coastal Association for Social Transformation Trust
Rezaul Karim Chowdhury
- Influencing policy and practices in human rights and good governance
- Income generating and food security
- Institution building and development education
- Promotion of Appropriate Rural Technology in agriculture
- Community Based Disaster Management
- 33,873 member participants or poor families of Bhola region (Bhola, Patuakhali, and Feni districts)
- 8261 member participants or poor families of seven small islands of Bay of Bengal
- 28,915 member participants or poor families of Cox’s Bazar district
- 9913 member participants or poor families of Noakhali region (Noakhali and Feni districts)
- 1654 member participants or poor families of Chittagong region (Chittagong district)
- Addresses and telephone numbers of senior officials of COAST (like ED) is stated at all the passbooks of our group members (about 1 lac), they can now directly communicate with ED, director and other senior officials. We are getting such communication and we are maintaining a registrar on that regard.
- We have published leaflet on our information disclosure policy and complaint management mechanism and these have been provided to all level stakeholders of COAST Trust.
): Mustafa Kamal Akanda, Chief Information Officer.
Assistant Director (Human Resources & Development,), it is a senior level position in COAST Trust.
COAST Trust has emerged as an NGO through a nationalized process of Bhola Project of Action Aid Bangladesh in 1998. It is registered with Trustee Act (Registration No-64, Date: 24th September 1997), NGO Affairs Bureau (Registration No-1242, date February 24, 1998), Microcredit Regulatory Authority (no 00956-04041-00068, date: 29th November, 2007)
8154673, 81255181
Director, Executive Director or the chairperson, trustee board.